söndag 15 november 2009

The Madlib Medicine Show

Saxat från Stonesthrow.com:

"Madlib is launching the Madlib Medicine Show, a once-a-month, twelve-CD, six-LP series.
The Madlib Medicine Show will be a combination of Madlib's new hip-hop productions, remixes, beat tapes, and jazz, as well as mixtapes of funk, soul, Brazilian, psych, jazz and other undefined forms of music from the Beat Konducta's 4-ton* stack of vinyl.

Madlib Medicine Show No. 1 is Before The Verdict featuring Guilty Simpson, a 17-track album mixing remixes and new material, something of a prelude to Madlib & Guilty Simpson's forthcoming OJ Simpson album.

MP3: Madlib & Guilty Simpson - The Paper from Madlib Medicine Show No. 1

STONESTHROW.COM advance release date: December 2009
WORLDWIDE release date: January 2010

We are currently planning for the vinyl edition of Madlib Medicine Show No. 1 to be a hand-screened, limited edition release.
Madlib Medicine Show No. 2, Flight to Brazil, is a mixtape of Brazilian jazz, funk, prog-rock, folk and psychedelia.
Later releases will include Beat Konducta in Africa.

(*4-tons of vinyl, this is true.)"

Så det lär bli hett!

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